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We can report this is easily the best battery ever installed in my old Duc. I like how it’s massively smaller and lighter than conventional batteries, but more than that, I appreciate how it is able to quickly spin up the Italian V-Twin despite not being run for weeks.


The Shorai, delivered with a 90-percent charge, sat on Burns’s desk for a month before being transported for transplant......Once ensconced and hooked up, the new battery spun the R1 starter like it’s never been spun before and fired up the engine immediately (in spite of yet another clogged pilot jet from modern gas and failure to Sta-Bilize). Two weeks of sitting later, same story.

Motorcyclist Magazine

The CBR Racebike has sat for as long as two months between races, but the battery has never needed attention. In fact, the Shorai cranks the CBR noticeably quicker, something the company claims will happen because of lower internal resistance that allows the battery to deliver more current to the starter.

Rider Magazine

The GS and I rattled and danced across the notorious Death Valley washboard, slammed into Capitol Reef cut banks, and hammered over Arizona rock gardens for nine days. The Shorai never missed a beat, and still hasn’t. My bike fires immediately every time, even if I crank up my electric vest and gloves before thumbing the starter button.

UItimate Motorcycling

When the inevitable happens and your OEM battery dies, a Shorai LFX battery is an excellent choice.

Dirt Rider Magazine

Now, companies like Shorai have better packaging, internal circuitry and safe and stable lithium blends that produce plenty of power to crank over your starter and run your lights—all with a longer expected life span and a much better resistance to discharging when not in use. All this at a cost that is only 30 to 100 percent higher priced than a standard lead-acid battery. You cannot lose weight any cheaper than this even at the higher price levels.

Dirt Wheels Magazine

We haven't had any battery-related issues in the time we've been using the Shorai. We didn't expect any. The machine sat for six weeks and started easily. If we we going to store it for six months, we would use the 'Store' mode on the the SHO-BMS01 Battery Management System just for good measure, but from our experience, we can go a full year without any such measures and still have no problems with starting.

In fact, its performance has been rather amazing compared to the standard lead-acid batteries on the other motorcycles in the stable....What's even more amazing is the weight savings of more than 2 kg compared to the BikeMaster lead-acid battery that the Shorai replaced....The bottom line is that based on this experience, I'm completely sold on the battery.

Eastern Road Rider Magazine

The Shorai LFX has been installed on the Ducati for a couple months now and is performing flawlessly in the stifling temperatures of a typical North Carolina summer."

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